The information on this web site was assembled from the sources listed below.  While I attempted to use the internet for this purpose, I found my web search time to be largely futile and ended up relying exclusively on books for my information.

NOTE(2013): The above was written over ten years ago and, in fact, Wikipedia now contains excellent entries for college basketball coaches.   The following list is still accurate for building this site while the updating of stats each year is done by watching the tournaments.

"Tourney Time", Dick Vitale with Mike Douchant, 1993
This book was the inspiration for this site.  Among its piles of tournament statistics interspersed with Vitale's commentary, were the 1993 versions of what would become my "active" and "active and former" yearly lists.
"The Modern Encyclopedia of Basketball", ed. Zander Hollander 1968 (rev 1972)
This book, which I found at my local library, was invaluable in putting together data up to 1972.  It lists the coaches for each year for each Division I school from the mid 1930's through 1968 (the original edition) and through 1972 (the revised edition).  I only wish the authors had put together a newer revised edition. UPDATE: I found a 1979 revised edition, which I believe is the last.
"The Encyclopedia of the NCAA Basketball Tournament", Jim Savage 1990
This book, which my wife gave me years ago, contains box scores for every tournament game played through 1990, including (fortunately for this site) the coaches name.  It also includes the brackets and a page or two of commentary for each tournament year.
"NCAA Men's Basketball's Finest", NCAA 1998
"Official 1999 NCAA Men's Basketball Record Book", NCAA 1999
"Official 1999 NCAA Final Four Record Book", NCAA 1999
The NCAA recently published these books containing more than any statistics junkie could possibly handle.  Unfortunately, as more and more teams get invited to the tournament, there are more and more coaches who make my lists who's careers aren't fully documented in these books.
"NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship Program", NCAA 1982-
Through 1989, the Final Four programs listed the scores of all games played since the tournament began in 1939.  I used my collection of Programs and the Jim Savage book above to double check the stats each year.
"The Sporting News - College Basketball Yearbook", TSN 1982-
The Sporting News Yearbooks have usually provided the best information about coaches records and tenure, though I have found some inconsistencies from year to year (check out Lou Henson's tournament record in the 2000 yearbook).
"Encyclopedia of College Basketball", Mike Douchant 1994
This Encyclopedia, which turned up in another town's library, is more recent than Hollander's Encyclopedia, but isn't as thorough.  For the coaches it deems important enough, it contains their complete college record.  Others don't get any mention.  With this book, I was able to get the goods on a few coaches that didn't make the official NCAA stat books.